I’m so excited…

I’m going to be really honest. When I first started testing the podcast last year, I didn’t want to do it. There were many reasons and I’m going to share a few of them with you right now.

  1. Too many people are doing a podcast
  2. I’d have to learn some new technical stuff
  3. I wasn’t really excited about the idea in general
  4. Who would listen or care
  5. The show couldn’t just about me

Those were the top-five reasons. It was also a major reason that I tested it and set a future date for a launch. This is a trick that I learned many years ago running five nationally syndicated comedy radio networks and jumping in to help clean up the programming on our sports side, too.

Announce it and if it doesn’t gain some activity – let it go and move on to something that will.

Notice, there’s no fear in any of the above reasons. Just normal things that any healthy person would have to sort through. It was about 80/20 that I wouldn’t launch a show.

Bobby the Bear keeps me busy…

Part of that was due to the success of my good friend Bobby the Bear. Check out his YouTube channel , follow his blog called Bobby Thoughts, and you can also pre-order his book “Social Media Doesn’t Have to Suck.”

Oh, and certainly jump in on the GoFundMe campaign for his film by the same name. Looking forward to shooting that in Las Vegas during late May/early June.

What if...?

Then something funny happened, a stronger idea emerged through the famous filmmaking structure of – What if?

For those of you not familiar with this concept it is how many films are created and pitched –What if an alien came to earth and mad friends with a child? That is how we get “ET!”

My what if was this – What if I could help people to understand how to start with nothing and turn that into a business that was equal to or greater than the median annual income of their country?

Thank you for the support…

Thank you in advance for supporting the show. If you find value then please jump in and support the show. I will surprise you with specific gifts for for every donation of $25.

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The first 13 episodes

Starting January 2 and airing a new episode every Wednesday!

  1. Start from the business idea, not the why!
  2. What is our business?
  3. What is the business story?
  4. Are we selling a product, service, or both?
  5. Margins matter
  6. Markets matter
  7. Know your buyout number
  8. Sustainability
  9. Production process
  10. Distribution
  11. Managed growth wins!
  12. Smart metrics versus dumb ones
  13. De-bias, review, and refine