Building a Cyber Insurance Community

building a cyber insurance community

Building a cyber insurance community online is covered in my chat with Mercy Komar. Remember to connect with her about your insurance needs. Here LinkedIn Profile is here.

Do Not Listen to This Podcast ยท Building a Niche Community: Mercy's Take on Cyber Insurance

Time Stamp Guide

  • 00:04 – 00:17: Introduction of Mercy and the topic of cats.
  • 00:25 – 01:08: Mercy talks about starting with LinkedIn and her novice experience.
  • 01:09 – 02:08: Transition from LinkedIn to podcasting and the focus on insurance.
  • 02:20 – 03:42: Mercy describes building her community, which is small but specialized in cyber insurance.
  • 03:42 – 05:26: Expansion of Mercy’s following internationally and discussions on ageism.
  • 05:36 – 07:56: The interplay between cyber insurance and traditional insurance policies.
  • 08:00 – 09:06: Key questions to ask insurance agents.
  • 09:20 – 11:49: Mercy shares her experiences and insights from building a community.
  • 12:58 – 14:35: Final thoughts and a humorous exchange about Roger’s absence from LinkedIn.

Show Highlights:

  • Mercy started from a novice point with LinkedIn and then built a focused community around cyber insurance.
  • She emphasizes the importance of posting relevant content and connecting with ancillary industries.
  • Mercy also touches on ageism in the industry and how it affects the careers of women.

Good Quotes from the Episode

  1. “I was totally a novice at this and… I started to play with it and my profile was bad… but I knew I could post some insurance stuff that somebody might listen to.” (01:09)
  2. “Nobody’s going to follow an insurance agent… Few people want to follow an insurance agent except other insurance agents.” (02:20)
  3. “People want to help especially on LinkedIn. They recognize that if they help you, it’s helping themselves and that’s important.” (11:49)
  4. “You have to have a general liability policy… Some sort of general liability and probably some kind of a property policy and a business auto policy if you’ve got an automobile owned by the business.” (10:06)
  5. “You can be insurance poor… So you have to have somebody too that recognizes that and says look here’s the risks. What are the risks you’re going to take on yourself?” (10:41)

Building a Niche Community: Mercy’s Take on Cyber Insurance”

Description: Dive into the specialized world of cyber insurance with Mercy, an industry maven who started as a LinkedIn novice and became a community leader. In this enlightening episode, our host Roger Wilkerson and guest Mercy discuss the intricacies of creating and nurturing a focused community within the complex cyber insurance space.

Discover how Mercy leverages social media to connect with industry professionals and enthusiasts alike, breaking through barriers like ageism and industry jargon. Whether you’re an insurance rookie or a seasoned pro, this episode is packed with valuable insights on making your mark and protecting your digital assets in today’s interconnected world. Join us for a conversation that demystifies cyber insurance and provides actionable tips for your social media journey.

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