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About the series

Explore the art of online community building with the engaging podcast series. “Building Social Media Community,” brought to you by

Delve into diverse topics that drive community building and help listeners navigate the bustling world of social media. Apply now and contribute to a community of thinkers and leaders who are shaping the future of digital engagement.

About the host

Roger Wilkerson is the engaging host of the “Do Not Listen to This Podcast” series. A platform that delves into the intricacies of social media communities with humor and thought-provoking content.

His approach to podcasting is inclusive and aimed at crafting a virtual space. Where every voice matters and is heard, akin to a karaoke night where everyone sings along.

The podcast not only entertains but also supports a charitable cause, feeding stray animals with every donation received. Listeners are invited to join this digital quilt of quirky individuals, laugh, ponder, and make a difference, both online and offline

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