Challenging the Status Quo in HR with Tamica

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Challenging the Status Quo in HR with Tamica Sears is an excellent episode for those of you developing an online community on a divisive topic.

Do Not Listen to This Podcast ยท Challenging the Status Quo in HR with Tamica Sears
  • Background: Roger has been hosting the podcast for over five years, with a focus on feeding stray cats and dogs as part of the show’s mission.

Guest: Tamica Sears

  • Background: Tamica is an HR professional with over 20 years of experience, focusing on leadership development and coaching for the past eight years. She is recognized for her integrity, often facing difficult situations in HR where she had to walk away due to conflicting values with leaders.

Content Overview:

  • Community Building in HR: Tamica discusses her efforts in building a local HR community in Arizona, particularly in Tucson. She is collaborating with Disrupt HR to create events aimed at HR innovation, moving beyond the traditional compliance-focused role of HR.
  • Challenges and Wins: The podcast covers the challenges of competing with established HR communities like SHRM and the struggles in sales and sponsorship. Tamica highlights the importance of a balanced team where members complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Personal Motivation: Tamica shares her passion for her work in HR and the joy it brings her, alongside her love for her new puppy. She emphasizes the importance of perseverance and adaptability in pursuing such community-driven initiatives.

Guide with Timestamps:

  1. Introduction and Backgrounds (00:03 – 01:37)
  2. Building HR Community and Disrupt HR Events (01:57 – 03:49)
  3. Challenges in HR and Competing Communities (04:00 – 06:30)
  4. Successes and Future Plans (06:46 – 09:22)
  5. Sales Struggles and Event Sponsorship (09:26 – 11:41)
  6. Handling Criticism and Trolls (11:44 – 13:27)
  7. Tamica’s Personal Motivation and New Puppy (13:27 – 15:53)
  8. Advice for Building Communities (15:53 – 18:28)
  9. Conclusion and Future Events (18:32 – 19:48)

Standout Quotes from Tamica:

  1. “You can’t move a mountain on your own, but you have to move your mountain with like-minded people.” – Reflecting on the importance of teamwork in community building.
  2. “Don’t complain if you’re not willing to make a change.” – Emphasizing the importance of taking action rather than just voicing problems.
  3. “I cannot continue to complain about the state of HR… and not do anything about it.” – Highlighting her proactive approach to making changes in the HR field.
  4. “You thought you could do it because you can.” – Encouraging perseverance despite challenges.
  5. “Don’t fall in love with your original idea.” – Advising flexibility and adaptability in pursuing projects or initiatives.

These quotes and insights from Tamica demonstrate her dedication to innovation in HR and her practical approach to challenges and community building.

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