Authentic Connections: Mastering Community Building

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Authentic connections. Enjoy my guest Kimberly Manchester

Do Not Listen to This Podcast · Authentic Connections: Mastering Community Building

Podcast Guide with Timestamps:

  • 00:04: Introduction to the podcast and guest, Kimberly, a notable community member.
  • 00:37: Kimberly’s adoption of two cats and bonding with the kittens.
  • 01:57: Kimberly discusses how she connected with the host and their common background in radio.
  • 03:46: Importance of emotional connection in joining a community.
  • 04:30: Advice on connecting with people on LinkedIn.
  • 05:33: Turnoffs when building connections, like immediate sales pitches upon connecting.
  • 06:50: Kimberly’s focus on the motives of people wanting to connect with her.
  • 08:27: Differences in building a community for a client compared to personal connections.
  • 11:03: Tips for building a community for a business or client.
  • 13:27: Kimberly’s strategy for curating her network and providing recommendations.
  • 15:00: Discussion on DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) and network curation.
  • 16:22: Handling toxic customers or community members.
  • 17:50: Closing remarks and thanks to the guest.

5 Key Takeaways

  1. The Importance of Emotional Connections: Kimberly emphasizes the significance of forming genuine, emotional connections when building or joining a community. She believes in the value of getting to know someone beyond their professional profile before establishing a connection.
  2. Networking with Intention: She advises against hasty networking, suggesting that people should follow potential connections, understand what they’re about, and ensure there is a mutual benefit before reaching out.
  3. Selective Networking: Kimberly is selective with her connections, focusing on the motives of people who wish to connect with her. She highlights the need for a strategic approach in building a professional network, prioritizing quality over quantity.
  4. Managing a Network: When curating her network, Kimberly looks for recommendations and meaningful interactions. She illustrates the importance of knowing whom you would vouch for within your connections, rather than just collecting contacts.
  5. Dealing with Toxicity: The podcast touches on the complexities of managing toxic individuals within a community or customer base. Kimberly and the host discuss the necessity of evaluating whether the emotional and business investment in maintaining certain relationships is worth the return.

These takeaways encapsulate the strategic and thoughtful approach Kimberly Manchester takes toward community building and professional networking, emphasizing quality, mutual benefit, and personal connection.

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