First Testing Month of a Podcast

As I promised, I’ll use this blog as a way to review what I learn while tackling this podcasting production world.

Let’s simply start with accepting that it is quite confusing. I signed up for podcast hosting because they had positioned themselves as the best for working on a WordPress blog.

Well, I haven’t found them to be easy. And to be honest, I still don’t.

Sure they have tons of videos but that just really gets more confusing. I’m still hosting on them but not sure if they’ll make the cut for the full launch in the fall. One suggested benefit was their connection to Spotify. Yet, two attempts and no luck. The integration into iTunes didn’t work well either.

Again, I’m very clear that I might be the idiot here. They might be great but there appears to be no easy customer service system for asking questions.

The quick fix was a FeedBurner feed. Also, still alive. Nothing appeared to get into iTunes until I started using Soundcloud. Things got a lot smoother after that issue.

And magically iTunes was working almost instantly.

On the production side, I got turned on to a great app called Just Press Record and I really like the transcription feature. The interview episode that I did for the first test was on zoom and that worked well.

Well, I’m having fun and getting some interesting feedback. So eyes forward during pre-production month #2.




Risk Taking – Don’t Compare Our Insides to Others Outsides



Risk tolerance has internal and external perceptions. What we may see as low risk can appear as a huge risk to others. This is really important because we don’t want to compare out insides to the outsides of others. Otherwise it can generate a group of 10 fears that can cause great damage – if we don’t see them for the lies they are.

Remember these 10 Fears, that can cause the damage, are ALL LIES!

  1. I won’t make it
  2. I don’t add up
  3. Nobody will ever know I was here
  4. That I won’t be heard
  5. That I won’t be seen
  6. That I am not enough
  7. That I am not wired for this world
  8. I tried my best and failed
  9. I am a loser
  10. I am not loveable

Let’s tackle each one of them for the lies they are.

Everyone makes it. The real question is do we want to make it to the next level or stay at the current one. it’s our choice.

I don’t add up. We’re not a math problem. We’re human beings. We’re going to do things that make sense. Other times we’re going to do some crazy stuff. That’s the magic of life – it’s an adventure.

Nobody will ever know I’m here. Of course that’s not true. Hell, our mother knows extremely well that we were here because we caused her great birthing pain. Hopefully, we’ve also given her some joy. The real question is – we will let ourselves know that we’re here.

That I won’t be heard. Whenever we speak we are heard. We may not be understood. However, we are always heard.

That I won’t be seen. If you have a social media account. Take a picture. Post it. Let us see you.

That I’m not enough. Well there are times when we can’t give enough. Yet, we are always enough.

That I’m not wired for this world. Trust me there are a lot more odd balls on the planet than those that understand it.

I tried my best and failed. Okay. Great start. Try again. Fail again. Fail until you succeed. Then succeed again. Succeed until you can give it away without expecting anything in return.

I’m a loser. Look sometimes we lose. Other times we win. The problem is we feel losses at deeper levels than gains. Truth is none of us are losers.

I’m not loveable. Hell, those are the most loveable people on the planet.

Bob Nickman Talks Comedy, Intuition, Writing, and Podcasting

Bob Nickman is an accomplished comedy writer that worked on shows like Roseanne, Freaks & Geeks, and many others. He also hosts the Podcast the Exploding Human site iTunes

We talked about the importance of following your intuition, finding your voice, and how important it is to fail our way to success.

It was an honor to have him as my first guest on Do Not Listen to This Podcast iTunes

Get more information on the grammar OCD by clicking here.

Episode 4 – Why Gary V. and Simon Sinek Have Been Banned as Guests on Do Not Listen to This Podcast

My friend Julian Smit had be on his show BIYF and the reason for the Simon Sinek and Gary V bans as guests on Do Not Listen to This Podcast got leaked. I’ll punish the leaker once I find them. Oh, wait. It was me.

Do Not Listen to This Podcast – Episode 3 – Includes a Short Story on OCD and Perfectionism

The shortcut to success is not taking shortcuts. Avoid growth hackers whenever possible. This episode also covers how we can break free of perfectionism because it tends to block our success.

I want to thank Rob Cressy and Carolyn Kiel for taking some time out of their day to swap emails about creating Podcasts.

Thank you for taking the time to Do Not Listen to This Podcast

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What’s The Difference Between Artists & Entrepreneurs? Oh, and a Great Sniper Story

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Okay, I lied. I said that I’d post these test episodes on Friday. Yet, this one kind of ties into some of the tips that I’m doing on LinkedIn for the #10days10Tips hashtag campaign.

This episode covers the difference between artists and Entrepreneurs. I’ve also included a great sniper story. Who doesn’t enjoy a good sniper story?


Do Not Listen To This Podcast Episode 1

Episode One: Includes a fun Keith Richards story about nerves and fear. Enjoy

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Well, if one wants to start a podcast there are a few things they could do. One, think about it for decades, read all the books, and eventually launch their podcast in 2038. If podcasts are still around.


Just grab the iPhone and start.

I opted for the later…

I’m going to do a few of these practice episodes between now and the official fall launch of a somewhat polished program.

As I say in this show the podcast is really about you the listener. Meaning if you have a question, topic, idea, or guest that you’d like me to explore please let me know by sending an email to me.