Bob Nickman Talks Comedy, Intuition, Writing, and Podcasting

Bob Nickman is an accomplished comedy writer that worked on shows like Roseanne, Freaks & Geeks, and many others. He also hosts the Podcast the Exploding Human site iTunes

We talked about the importance of following your intuition, finding your voice, and how important it is to fail our way to success.

It was an honor to have him as my first guest on Do Not Listen to This Podcast iTunes

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Episode 4 – Why Gary V. and Simon Sinek Have Been Banned as Guests on Do Not Listen to This Podcast

My friend Julian Smit had be on his show BIYF and the reason for the Simon Sinek and Gary V bans as guests on Do Not Listen to This Podcast got leaked. I’ll punish the leaker once I find them. Oh, wait. It was me.

Do Not Listen to This Podcast – Episode 3 – Includes a Short Story on OCD and Perfectionism

The shortcut to success is not taking shortcuts. Avoid growth hackers whenever possible. This episode also covers how we can break free of perfectionism because it tends to block our success.

I want to thank Rob Cressy and Carolyn Kiel for taking some time out of their day to swap emails about creating Podcasts.

Thank you for taking the time to Do Not Listen to This Podcast

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What’s The Difference Between Artists & Entrepreneurs? Oh, and a Great Sniper Story

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Okay, I lied. I said that I’d post these test episodes on Friday. Yet, this one kind of ties into some of the tips that I’m doing on LinkedIn for the #10days10Tips hashtag campaign.

This episode covers the difference between artists and Entrepreneurs. I’ve also included a great sniper story. Who doesn’t enjoy a good sniper story?


Do Not Listen To This Podcast Episode 1

Episode One: Includes a fun Keith Richards story about nerves and fear. Enjoy

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Well, if one wants to start a podcast there are a few things they could do. One, think about it for decades, read all the books, and eventually launch their podcast in 2038. If podcasts are still around.


Just grab the iPhone and start.

I opted for the later…

I’m going to do a few of these practice episodes between now and the official fall launch of a somewhat polished program.

As I say in this show the podcast is really about you the listener. Meaning if you have a question, topic, idea, or guest that you’d like me to explore please let me know by sending an email to me.


Damn LinkedIn Community

I blame the LinkedIn community for this announcement. This week I did a video with one of my favorite connections Lila Smith. You should absolutely be following her. One of my connections Joseph Assaf Turner felt like I should do a podcast. One too many people agreed with him.

That’s how the Do Not Listen to This Podcast got created. My belief is that everyone, myself included, are afraid that if they do a podcast nobody will listen. This way I figure if one person listens then it’s a success.

The show will be about why we should always take business risks. Especially, when we do not know the outcome.

I’ve made a decision to ban Gary V. and Simon Sinek as guests. The reasons why will be explained in the debut episode.

Since I’m one of the few people out there with Comedy Writer and MBA Finance that will be at the heart of this show.

  • The show is going to be about helping artists to understand how to turn what they have into a business and
  • Helping business owners and executives to put a real number on the intangible asset of the creative people within their busines

Do Not Listen to This Podcast will start this fall.