Creating a Business

Order a 3 month private business consulting/coaching service.

Average cost is $11.10 per day!

A $4500 value for $999. You may also grab an hourly service for $200.

Episodes 1 through 13 of Do Not Listen to This Podcast help you with creating a something from nothing business.

A business that will generate equal to or higher than the median income of where you live.

The median income for the United States is $57,617 US

This income converts to $4801.42 monthly, $1,108.02 weekly $158.29 daily, or $27.70 per hour 40 hour work week. You can see specific median income to your US location here. Global median incomes can be found via this site.

Creating a pathway to generate enough income for leaving a job you don’t want to be at anymore — alternatively, merely a way to bring in additional revenue.

The first three episodes focus on mindset.

They help you to decide if being an entrepreneur is something that you should even consider. Not everyone should go down this path.

Key concept – episode 1 – Get rid of the employee mindset and open up an employer perspective.

Key concept – episode 2 – Make sure your choices match your business model.

Key concept – episode 3 – Business owners must think bigger and better

Product and service pricing are the topics of episodes 4 to 6

Key concept – episode 4 -What are our fixed costs? Very important to include paying ourselves here, too.

Key concept – episode 5 – Most likely our first idea isn’t going to be a profitable one.

Key concept – episode 6 – Pay attention to things outside of your control and accept them.

The destination of our business is explored with episodes 7 and 8.

Key concept – episode 7 – Pay attention to difficult and simple math.

Key concept – episode 8 – Our health matters.

Getting to customers gets discussed in episodes 9 and 10.

Key concept – episode 9 – We must honor the process of story creation and production

Key concept – episode 10 – Attention to details may be hard but don’t avoid them. Please pay attention to the data after our content flows into the world.

Managing, monitoring, and adjusting growth round out the topics for episodes 11 to 13.

Key concept – episode 11 – Even the fastest roller coaster comes to a stop.

Key concept – episode 12 – Understand the positives and negatives of all metrics.

Key concept – episode 13 – If we work on our personal growth, it will transfer to our business growth.

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