Celebrating 5 Years of Do Not Listen to This Podcast

Celebrating 5 years of hosting Do Not Listen to This Podcast was a surprise that popped up. What started with one of my stories from radio days and me having to remind Keith Richards that he was a Rolling Stone.

Do Not Listen to This Podcast · Includes a fun Keith Richards Story

From then to when it turned into a project, during Covid, that supports feeding stray cats and dogs has been a fun ride. I’m excited about the new series focusing on building community on social media.

I’m proud to say that because of your donations and support we’ve been able to feed thousands of stray cats and dogs. And at any given time are sponsoring over 20 that have found forever homes.

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Do Not Listen to This Podcast · Building Social Media Community

Celebrating 5 Years of Do Not Listen to This Podcast

I’m not going to lie, I started this podcast as a joke and to help a client. It did not have a plan, but one organically evolved. And of course, the focus of the show is constantly changing.

During Covid when we started to feed the stray cats and dogs the show itself found a purpose that was bigger than just doing a podcast.

I think that’s something important to consider if you are thinking of doing one. What is the thing that is bigger than you and the show.

Thank you to all the guests and listeners.


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