Private Business Coaching


$4,500.00 $999.00

Quarterly private business consulting package.

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This package is a private business coaching service to help you develop or grow your business.

There are a limited number of packages available per quarter.

If sold out you are wait listed to the next available slot.

Each package covers one-quarter of business consulting (three months).

The total quarterly value is $4500.

The quarterly cost is $999.

This works out to $333 per month.

That’s $76.85 weekly or $11.10 per day.

Here’s what you get.

  1. One private hourly call per month (3). This is a $600 value. Hourly rate is $200
  2. Additional private sessions are available at a 25% discounted hourly rate. Discounted rate for extra hours $150.
  3. Weekly email strategy suggestions tailored to grow your business. These are not templates. They’re specific to the growth of your business and confidential. $2600 value. Weekly email strategy support rate is $200 x 13 weeks.
  4. Email support for any follow-up questions to your private calls or the weekly emails. $1300 value. Weekly email support rate is $100 x 13 weeks.

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