Episode 3 – What is the business story?


The key concept from this episode is for the business owner to think bigger and better.

We hear so many people talking about the story today that the whole thing can become confusing. This episode will help to make it simpler for you.

Classic story structure is simple – beginning, middle, and end.

All of the things going on in the story, now that’s where it can be a bit confusing. To simplify it we need to understand the basics.

  • Who
  • What
  • Where
  • When
  • Why
  • How

We also need to understand they’re all equally important. The fact is why is no more important than any of the other elements to building a business that is sustainable.

The first three episodes wrap up the key concepts around – mindset.

Moving forward here’s what we’re going to cover with Do Not Listen to This Podcast.

  • Product/Service Pricing (episodes 4-6)
  • Destination of our business (episodes 7-8)
  • Getting customers (episodes 9-10)
  • Managing, monitoring, and adjusting growth (episodes 11-13)

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